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Horse Riding in Portugal

 Horse Riding in Portugal (Melides)

At Host Spotlight blog section, we’d like to introduce you to one of our wonderful Horse Travel hosts and what inspired them to work with horse tourism. This month, we have Luis, who manages rides at Melides, Portugal and will tell us more about horse riding in Portugal.

Your family has been raising sports horses, especially for endurance riding and you are an endurance rider yourself. When did the idea of horseback riding tourism come up?

The idea came when, after many years of breeding horses for endurance,  we already had 8 Lusitano horses that we had bread from one of our mares and were only used for the family for riding tours during the summer. As these 8 horses were only used to ride in the summer, we decided to monetize them in order to provide people who ride horses and who have never ridden on horseback to get to know the Melides area on horseback and thus to have the opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of this region of Portugal. In this way, we started horseback riding in Melides 5 years ago.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the experiences that you offer?

At the Melides Horseback Riding, the experience we offer is a wonderful horseback ride along the beach and the hills in Melides. Both tours are very beautiful, being the most romantic the beach ride and the most diversified the horse ride in portugalmountain ride with the panoramic view of the sea. Both tours can be done by people with or without any experience, as all horses are very quiet and easy to ride. Riding on horseback is by itself a unique experience and doing it in this region makes the experience even more fantastic.

In Portugal horse Adventure, we provide an even deeper equestrian experience, allowing our customers to get to know our country on horseback and to visit areas of the same that without being on horseback would be impossible. We combine several tours such as the mountains, lagoons, beach, rice paddies, and river.

The views on your rides are really breath taking! What is your absolute favourite spot?

My favourite point is the Livramento, it is the highest point of the Hills of Grandola, in Melides where you can see about 120km of the Atlantic coast.

Does the time of year affect your booking rate?

It is normal for summer to be the high season of the occasional rides and spring the high season of the week on horseback. Although, the most beautiful time of the year to go horseback riding is in the winter and in the spring.

You have excellent reviews. What do you believe to be the key to your success?

I believe the family atmosphere that surrounds the horseback riding and my dedication and concern for each client are the strengths of the success of this ride in portugal

How do you see equestrian tourism in your country, Portugal?

Portuguese horses, or LUSITANOS, are undoubtedly extraordinary horses that allow anyone to feel very comfortable when riding. This is undoubtedly one of the strengths of horse riding in Portugal. Equestrian tourism in Portugal has been growing a lot because knowing our country on horseback has turned out to be the best way to feel nature year after year.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention about your rides for future guests?

Come to horse riding in Portugal, you will not regret it! This area has both the feeling of being in the countryside and the feeling of being on the beach. That’s what makes it unique!

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